Dairy of a Dog: Jake

Photos by Robb Most

Confused you are?  Hrmmm. I may look like Yoda but I’m actually a dog. Even though Geoff and Verity immediately noticed that my ears resemble those of a wise and powerful Jedi master, they opted to name me Jake instead. I’m frequently mistaken for a German Shepherd puppy, but I’m actually part mini-Pinscher, German Shepherd and Lab—and eight years old! You can see a little gray on my muzzle, which makes me look even more dignified. I’m originally from the Central Valley but I was brought to Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV) for treatment and care. I didn’t have a family before then and I was very fearful and nervous. Thankfully, I got the help I needed at HSSV, which allowed Geoff and Verity to bring me home to Atherton. Having my own family really boosted my confidence, especially after they brought home a playmate for me, another HSSV rescue named Stella, who is super sweet and mellow. Stella and I have done a great job of training Geoff and Verity. When we sit or do tricks, we’ve taught them to reward us with yummy treats. They also appreciate our terrific teamwork in patrolling the fenceline for squirrels. Our proven technique includes a warning bark—followed by a chase. Although Stella has short legs and waddles a bit, she moves surprisingly quickly. Geoff and Verity occasionally need to do something without us, but we don’t mind. We take it as our signal to fully relax and catch some Zs. We stake out the door and snooze away until they return. Stella and I are both so grateful to have so much joy in our lives, which brings me to the other trait that I share with Yoda. I’ve come so far from the stray I once was and it’s because I draw power from the positive, loving “force” of my pack.