Diary of a Dog: Norman

Photos by Robb Most

As a rescue, I didn’t come into this world as the “pick of the litter,” but I definitely landed on my paws. Back in 2013, Rich and Maureen adopted me from Peninsula Humane Society (PHS) and brought me home to Burlingame. They named me Norman after the calf that was rescued in the movie City Slickers, and I’ve been one lucky dog ever since. Like Maureen, I volunteer at a Burlingame thrift store appropriately called, “The Pick of the Litter,” or “The Pick,” as we regulars know it. All sales at The Pick benefit shelter animals at PHS/SPCA, so I can’t think of a better way to spend my time. After a quick brushing to look my best, I arrive at 11:30AM and swing by the treat jar to mark the official start of my shift. I systematically check out every corner of the store (Call it the Terrier in me!) and then patiently wait for Maureen to research and price donated items, which are placed on the shelf of a rolling cart. It’s my job to supervise, so I always jump aboard to make sure every item is delivered to the right place in the store. From one department to the next, I multitask by greeting every shopper and pup I see. Mid-shift, Maureen and I go out for a walk and swing by Starbucks for a Puppuccino. (That’s complimentary whipped cream in a cup, if you haven’t had the pleasure.) I average about six cart rides a day at The Pick, and then I frequently pull extra shifts with Rich at Home Depot. He’s a general contractor, and he counts on me to help pick up supplies. Here’s a happy coincidence I’ve noticed: Whenever I’m riding in a cart, I always have a view of people smiling back at me.

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