Diary of a Dog: Annabelle

Photos by Robb Most

Feelin’ stressed? I’m Annabelle and I’m here to help! I was born on a ranch outside of Yuba City in 2008 alongside my 10 other siblings. Beth and Chris brought me home to Palo Alto and immediately noticed my calm nature. People really enjoy looking into my deep brown eyes and petting me, which makes me happy because I love to be petted. Beth thought I’d make a good therapy dog, so she helped me pass a series of tests so that I can share my chill vibes. Kids seem to know I’m a good listener and love to read books to me. I’m a frequent visitor to the East Palo Alto Library and Sand Hill School at Children’s Health Council. I also hang out at Palo Alto High School a lot where students can pet me during lunch or as they pass by Beth’s office. I don’t really like barking, so I’m pretty quiet for a dog. A while back, no one could find me when it was time for bed, and my family frantically searched the neighborhood, thinking I got out. (It didn’t help that I’m black and hard to see in the dark.) Luckily, Beth needed to grab something in the pantry, and when she opened the door, she discovered me sitting there. I accidentally got trapped inside, but I wasn’t worried. I waited patiently, knowing my family would eventually discover me. Here’s the good thing: When they did, I got lots and lots of pets.