Diary of a Dog: Bennie

Woof! I’m Bennie the Bernedoodle from Burlingame! (Try saying that three times!) I get my distinctive tri-color markings from my mom, who is a full-size Bernese mountain dog, and my smaller stature and no-shed coat from my dad, a miniature white poodle. When Rise and Marty brought me home, they found an easy way to describe my distinctive look: “A fluff ball of cuteness!” I consider every day to be my BEST day ever. I always start my morning with a “wiggle and a wag,” which includes thumping my tail to announce I’m up and ready to play. I quickly follow this with “down dog,” wherein I assume the perfect position to receive cuddles, kisses and hugs. And then I’m up for anything—whether it’s playtime with grandkids in the house, chasing my buddies at the dog park or enthusiastically greeting everyone I see. I also love road trips, especially when we head to Lake Tahoe. Is that my red safety swim vest coming out? That means it’s time for a boat ride! I always sit perched up front, and as we pick up speed, I relish the feeling of my ears blowing back in the wind. Every best day of my life ends the same way: lots of brushing. First, soft bristles gently tug through any tangles and mats—and then I lick my lips in anticipation. Doggie toothpaste is just so tasty! And it’s with fresh breath and a sparkling smile that I bid you sweet dreams. I need to rest up for my next BEST day… tomorrow.

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