Diary of a Dog: Brando

Photos by Robb Most

If you’ve got anything to say to me, I’m all ears! My name is Brando and I’m a Berger Picard, also known as a Picardy Shepherd. You can spot a Berger Picard a mile away thanks to our erect ears that stand four to five inches tall. We also have dark eyes and tons of facial hair. Some say our shaggy eyebrows, beards and mustaches make us look like true Frenchmen. Although I was born in Wyoming, my rare breed originates from the French region of Picardie, which is what caught the interest of my family. I live with Nathalie, Cyrille, Felix, Sebastian and Elvis the cat, and Nathalie was born in Picardie, so we share a common trait. (Although her ears aren’t nearly as big as mine!) My family knows that I’m very intelligent, but sometimes I make it difficult for them because I like to throw in my ideas on what I should be doing. I’m a very independent dog and I’m stealthy as well. Every night I sneak into a room, steal a shoe or sock and leave it in the middle of our living room. Just because. When I’m not snoozing on my back at home, my family and I love to hike Pulgas Ridge together. They keep me well exercised, which is exactly how Berger Picards like it. If I’m not hiking, then you’ll find me being happily chased by other dogs at my playgroup, which is aptly named “For Sniffs and Giggles.” Follow me @Brando_Le_Berger_Picard on Instagram to keep up with my adventures on the Peninsula.