Diary of a Dog: Bubblegum

Photos by Robb Most

My name is Bubblegum. At just six pounds, I’m a small, sweet Terrier mix, utterly convinced that Peggy and I were fated to be family. We haven’t had an easy time of things, which is why we understand each other so well and know how to make each other happy. I’m about a year old now, and my earliest memories are of a shelter in central California. I don’t remember how I was injured, but I suffered a broken spine, sacrum and tail and was in terrible pain. Luckily, I was transferred to the Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV) where I got the care I needed to make me adoptable. After fostering me, Yvonne realized I would be the perfect fit for her mother-in-law, Peggy, who lives in Los Altos. Peggy uses a wheelchair and was afraid to get a pet because of her disability. From my own experiences, I understood that I needed to be extra cautious with Peggy, and I quickly figured out how to be playful and show affection without getting underfoot. Peggy’s caretakers, Finau and Paea, help take care of me too, and we have lots of fun together. Surrounded by so much love, I recovered fully from my injuries with one exception: my tail is crooked and sticks out straight. Even though it doesn’t really move, everyone around me knows I’m always joyfully wagging it in spirit. To find a pet that’s the perfect match for you, contact Humane Society Silicon Valley at hssv.org