Diary of a Dog: Buddy

Photos by Robb Most

My name is Buddy and my love language is licking. It’s a good thing Angela and Todd immediately picked up on that when they first met me at Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV). I felt an instant kinship so I slathered them with wet kisses to express my enthusiasm. Angela and Todd understood what I was saying and brought me home to Los Altos, where I also live with Angela’s daughter Lily and my partner-in-fun Maggie, a Tibetan Terrier/Poodle mix also adopted from HSSV. As for me, I’m a mix of miniature Poodle and Bichon, which explains my petite size—just 10 pounds. And no, I didn’t pay for my dramatic ombré-colored ears. It may look like I just came from a salon, but my beauty is all natural. Angela and Todd often work at home during the day, so there’s always lots of company. But Maggie and I love it when Angela goes into the office. She works at Villa Montalvo Arts Center and takes us on hikes behind the villa and we get to run around the property. Lucky us, right? Lily is in high school, so whenever she isn’t home, I jump on her bed and wait for her return—and then greet her with a good licking. I’m often described as fun-loving and fearless but also a bit of a rascal. That’s just because I like to dig in flower beds and eat out of Maggie’s bowl, instead of my own. I also jump into Maggie’s bed first at night, but she thinks it’s funny and just pushes me out. There are advantages to being small. I get to take baths in the kitchen sink, and I love slurping down water while I’m being rinsed. After all, when you’re a licker like me, you’ve got to stay hydrated.