Diary of a Dog: Callie

Photos by Scott R. Kline

I’m a four-year-old poodle mix, and I used to be called Dollie because of how much I look like a stuffed animal. Before I came to the Silicon Valley Pet Project I was in a shelter in San Jose. The organization hears about dogs like me, who are found without a collar or a chip, and takes them out of local shelters so they can be matched with new owners. I had a good time with Melissa, who fostered me after I was rescued, but after a month or so I was ready find my new home.

My owners, Gem and Steve, had lived with a rescue dog when they were in Washington, D.C., and so they knew they wanted another pet once they got settled back on the Peninsula. They both grew up here, and after they moved back in May, getting a dog was one of their first priorities. They saw my picture on a pet-finding website and the week after that I was home with them in Redwood City.

Gem works full-time at home so we have plenty of time to hang out. My favorite thing to do is cuddle with my owners when they’re on the couch, and I like to follow them around the apartment to make sure that they don’t get lost. Even though I’m not a puppy, I’m taking a training class at Love of Dogs Training in Redwood City where most of the other students are younger than me. I’m having a good time working on crate training and other skills, and the puppies in class don’t bother me too much. If you’re like my owners and looking to add a rescue dog to make your home complete, visit svpetproject.org to see dogs and cats who are adoptable right now.