Diary of a Dog: Cashew

Photos by Robb Most

Well, hello there! I see you’re admiring my outfit. My name’s Cashew and I like to think that I’m the best-dressed dog in Belmont. As a Chihuahua mix, it might be hard to spot me among the bigger pups if I wasn’t sporting a fashionable ensemble. My extensive wardrobe really helps me stand out. I’ve lived with Meg and Sam since I was about four months old, when they rescued me from a not-so-nice start in life that left me anxious and afraid of strangers. Going on two years later, we all agree that I’m thriving. Meg says I am one of the smartest and quickest dogs she’s ever taught, and as a professional dog trainer, she’s something of an authority on the subject. I’m so good that she posts training videos starring me on Instagram and TikTok (@k9_Cashew). I love learning new skills, whether it’s tricks, obedience or agility training. Meg takes me with her to work, where I like to boss around my great big friend, a 50-pound pit bull-terrier mix. I guess you could say I wear the pants in that relationship. My secret weakness is noses—I just love them so much! Let me near your nose and I will cover it in doggy kisses until you make me stop.

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