Diary of a Dog: Chica

Diary of a Dog Chica

Can you imagine a seven-pound diamond? You’re looking at one. I’m what Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV) refers to as a “Diamond in the Ruff.” I was brought to HSSV because my owner couldn’t take care of me anymore, and I was super shy at first because everything felt unfamiliar. Knowing that I needed a low-key home where I could adjust at my own pace, HSSV put me into their “Diamond in the Ruff” program for special-needs animals, and that’s how Kimberly found me. She took one look at my sweet Chihuahua-mix face and knew I was meant to be her “Chica.” Sure enough, when I’m with Kimberly and her friends, they treat me like I’m one of the girls. It’s such a relief to feel calm and secure again—Kimberly swears it’s the spa music she plays for me, and I do find it lulling and relaxing. Even though I was initially shy, it didn’t take me long to show how sweet and affectionate I can be. Now Kimberly takes me everywhere—I love to speed walk (I can go for miles and miles), dine in outdoor restaurants and travel too. Since I’m so small, I’m always happy to hang out in Kimberly’s little carry bag—which lets me pop my head out so I can see everything. Kimberly thinks of me as her little gem and even told her friends, “Since I got her, every day has been seven pounds happier.”