Diary of a Dog: Demi

Photos by Irene Searles

My name is Damsel… Demi for short. The Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael gave me my full name but my family in Emerald Hills liked Demi better. Do you have any food on you? I’m a Labrador Retriever so I love to eat. I was born into the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association’s breeding program, but my obsession with food got me in trouble as a puppy, and I think that’s why I didn’t pass Guide Dog Training. I became a breeder instead and had five litters of puppies. It was tough but rewarding… and definitely worth the extra scoop of kibble I get on Mother’s Day! Now that I’m retired, I can finally let loose and have more me-time. Retired life is sweet. I get to eat each and every crumb of food that is left within Labrador reach. No diet restrictions, no excessive exercise—and I still get lots of attention and even some extra belly rubs. The best part is not having to take care of the pups. I love them but I’m glad that they’re out there helping humans who need them. Plus, I have human kids to take care of now. They need me to distract them from homework and stress. I may be retired, but I never stop working! To learn more about how to foster (and adopt) dogs like me, visit guidedogs.com