Diary of a Dog: Eddie

Photos by Irene Searles

HELLO THERE!! Sorry for shouting but since I weigh just seven pounds, I wanted to catch your attention. And no, I’m not a stuffed animal (although I’ve been told I look like one). I’m a Pomeranian mix and I live with Carin, along with three doggy buddies, in Woodside. I’m the smallest of the bunch and it’s a point of pride that I have the loudest bark.

How I got to my forever home is quite a story. I was one of 60 dogs rescued from a tiny apartment in San Jose by Muttville, an organization that helps senior dogs—some are rescues like me, but others just need to find new places to live, for one reason or another. I’m actually 10 years young, which means I’ve stockpiled plenty of love and joy to give—plus I’m pretty mellow and fully trained.

I met Carin at Muttville’s annual senior prom fundraising gala, and Carin immediately recognized me as the perfect cuddle bug companion to add to her family. It didn’t hurt that I was named Prom King! We have so much fun together now. I get to sit in my special side pack when Carin takes me on walks and to the mall, and my favorite times are holiday parties where I’m passed around from person to person because no one can seem to get enough of me. See, there are advantages to being small!

Carin treats me like I’m the best dog in the world and she’s grateful to Muttville for bringing me into her life. In fact, she even joined the board of Muttville’s new local chapter, Friends of Muttville Silicon Valley. To learn more about adopting a more mature (and loving!) dog like me, visit muttvillesiliconvalley.com or contact mike@muttvillesilconvalley.com.