Diary of a Dog: Ellie Rose

Photos by Robb Most

For those who followed this year’s Platinum Jubilee in Great Britain, you should know there’s another royal lady to be found on the Peninsula. Although I’m a French bulldog, you can see that I’m holding court in San Mateo’s Central Park. The shaggy dog statue isn’t my only subject—I also play top dog to a warm-hearted pit bull and two more Frenchies. I have Bara to thank for recognizing my regal bearing and bringing me home to San Mateo, where I also enjoy spending time with Bara’s doting father, Ellis, for whom I was named, and Bara’s close friend and dog sitter, Jim. The second part of my name comes from Bara’s own, which means “rose” in Japanese—like that of the late princess Margaret Rose, sister of Queen Elizabeth. My royal status was established early by my affectionate but strong-minded personality. Some say I’m bossy—but I face an issue most other Frenchies don’t. I’m completely deaf. My color ‘pied’ is a lovely white with black spots and splashes, but missing the normal pigmentation can lead to hearing disorders. I make up for the loss by being extremely intelligent and a quick learner. My breeder recognized at once that Bara would be the perfect family for me since she’s a patient and experienced dog trainer and passionate Frenchie owner. Bara started me at once with hand signals and by 11 months, I was fully trained, gaining my AKC Canine Good Citizenship. After all, a queen needs to model proper manners. I not only know my commands but learned tricks as well—I roll over and melt hearts with my “looking sad” trick, which is all in jest since I’m a very contented pup.