Diary of a Dog: Gracie

Photos by Robb Most

One look at my kind eyes and sweet face and it’s easy to understand why Labrador Retrievers are such a popular dog breed. And Mady and Mel will tell you I’m exactly the companion they were seeking. After saying goodbye to two beloved yellow Labs, Mady and Mel had adopted Annabelle, a scruffy Terrier mix, from Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV). Although Mel adores Annabelle, he missed having a “real” dog (bigger than 17 pounds), so they checked back with HSSV, which turned out to be perfect timing. Pregnant with eight puppies, I had been rescued from the Central Valley and brought to HSSV. After being fostered and getting medical care, I was ready for my forever home in Los Altos. It took Annabelle a little while to warm up to me, but now we keep watch together and chase rabbits and squirrels in the backyard. And I absolutely adore Mel and Mady. I’m happiest when I’m sidled up so close that my head and entire body are touching them. They say I’m incredibly polite for a Lab (I guess it’s unusual that I daintily eat and sip my water.), but I show my exuberance whenever it’s time to go for a walk or ride in the car. I jump in the air and “talk” with joy, madly waving my thick, tapering tail. I’m super lucky that I have all kinds of toys to play with. Although I try to be as gentle as possible, white stuffing always seems to come out as I express (chew) my affection. Thankfully, Mel and Mady make sure I have a steady supply, although if you hear of a good sale on stuffed animals, I’m sure they’d appreciate the tip.