Diary of a Dog: Guinness

Photos by Robb Most

In the spirit of my namesake (that would be Guinness beer), cheers to lucky me! Lois and Dimitry are fans of the Irish stout and naturally felt like celebrating after rescuing an adorable pup at an adoption event at the Davis Farmers Market. I’m a terrier mix (with possibly some schnauzer or German shepherd), and my right floppy ear and sweet spirit instantly charmed them. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 13 years since I came home to Atherton, where Lois and Dimitry have lived for 50 years now. “Guinness has reached an old age, as have we,” I’ve heard them say, but if you spot us on our daily walks, you’ll agree that we still have “bounce” in our steps. Sure, I may have a little gray in my whiskers (and eyebrows and chest hair), but that’s what it takes to earn recognition as the most senior dog in the neighborhood. I always perk up when the leash comes out. My favorite destinations are Holbrook Palmer Park, Bedwell Bayfront Park and 43 Almendral Street. “Why 43 Almendral Street?” you ask. That’s the location of Menlo Park District Station 3, where the firefighters reward my visits with tasty treats. When I was younger, I loved to play “Catch me if you can!” Dimitry even had to miss a concert once because I escaped the yard to explore. Maybe I have slowed down a bit, but keeping stride with my family is what makes me happiest.