Diary of a Dog: Henry

Photos by Robb Most

Hey there! Look closely, and you can find me in this mop of curly hair. The name is Henry. I’m a one-year-old mini Goldendoodle growing up here on the Peninsula. Jill, John, Parker and Reed are the best family that a golden boy could ask for. Even though I’m only 17 pounds, I have a ton of energy. My family always takes me on morning runs along the trails at Stanford University. I love meeting new people and playing with other dogs. If you see me, feel free to ask to give me a belly rub. In the middle of the street or walkway? No problem. I’m always happy to oblige. Sometimes my family takes me on a long drive and we end up finding cold white stuff. I love running around in it, the more the better. When it gets warmer the white stuff is gone, but that’s fine with me. I get to hike with my family, and I’m always in front, so I can run up and make sure the trail is safe for them. When I come back they know that everything is okay up ahead. Getting out is great, but everyone has been at home a lot more lately. It has been the best time! I get to hang out at home and practice my signature doodle sploot. I love all the extra belly rubs and attention that I’m getting, but I’m going to need a haircut soon. What’s taking them so long? All this hair is making me hot! Oh well. Gotta go. I hear running shoes and my leash being pulled out.

Courtesy of Hessler-Sunwoo Family