Diary of a Dog: Indie

Hello, my name is Indie! I’m a Chihuahua mix who was found with my littermates in a field in Reedley, California. Thankfully, a local rescue group called Copper’s Dream saved us and brought me to an adoption event at Unleashed in Menlo Park where I found my family, Josh and Suzanne. They are big fans of indie music and named me Indie because I’m unique and independent too. My most recognizable features are my white paws and large ears, which I keep in a one-up and one-down position. I like to think of it as if I am always giving a happy wave with my ear! My favorite outing is going to my neighborhood park with my bestie, Juno. I get so excited seeing my friends and getting snacks. I especially enjoy playing hacky sack (Josh is particularly good at kneeing the ball to me!) and chasing tennis balls. When I’m tired after a busy morning of running around, I enjoy wrapping myself tightly in a blanket and taking a nice long snooze. I also love my nightly walks but I won’t go unless we all go together. I’ve been told I have “herding tendencies,” but family is everything to me, so I would never leave Josh or Suzanne behind.

If you’d like to bring a fun pup like me into your life, check out coppersdream.org.