Diary of a Dog: Jane

Photos by Robb Most

Forget Bette Davis. My name is Jane, and my eyes have been praised as mesmerizing, almost human even. In fact, my family has a hard time looking away from my soulful gaze. I think that’s one of the reasons they took me home from Pet Express in Burlingame, where I was brought for adoption after being rescued in Stockton. I’m a Terrier and Dachshund mix, and it’s a good bet that my Dachshund DNA can take credit for my long torso that stretches out like a Slinky toy. I live in San Mateo with Marcus, Yvonne, Emily and Lizzy, and my one goal in life is to make them happy. They love to watch me dance, and I love that I get rewarded with a treat just for showing off. Given that I’m not that tall, I’ve discovered that if I stand up on my hind legs like a prairie dog, I can see a lot more. It’s a handy trick that I use a lot. I’m also a good watchdog and I earn my keep chasing the squirrels out of our backyard. My favorite activities include running on the beach, long walks through my neighborhood, investigating gopher holes and burrowing under Marcus and Yvonne’s comforter in bed. “Janey Jane (that’s their nickname for me) just wants to please,” my family is always saying. I’m glad that they notice. I am so grateful for my wonderful life and I make a point to show it every day.