Diary of a Dog: Jewels

Photos by Robb Most

You’re likely wondering how I came to have such a fancy name. My new family thinks it’s because the beautiful spots on my ears look like gems but they don’t really know for sure. What is for certain is that I was well-loved (and well-fed) before Kim and Steve adopted me. Back in 2020, when my original family in Modesto couldn’t keep me any longer, they drove me to the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA because they knew I could stay as long as it took to find me a new home. And that’s exactly what happened. After I was featured as the “Dog of the Week” in the local paper, Kim and Steve instantly recognized the jewel (or Jewels) that I am and brought me back to Los Altos. Back then, I was considered a nine-year-old “senior” dog—admittedly on the chubby side. I recently turned 12 and I’m in better shape than ever. I’ve trained Kim and Steve to walk to our local pet supply store. Despite the free treats I’m always given, I’ve managed to slim down thanks to our daily outings. Talk (or bark) about a win-win! I also get exercise through backyard squirrel patrol duty. I may waddle when I walk, but I sprint like a puppy when I need to remind those pesky varmints who’s in charge. Still, I’m a lady at heart. Not only do I have gems on my ears, I’m also known for my delightful fragrance. When Kim and Steve smell my herbal scent (and see my green face), they know I’ve been up to my other favorite pastime: rolling around in the rosemary bushes.