Diary of a Dog: Josie

Words by Andrea Gemmet

Photos by Robb Most

As a purebred Whippet, the breed with the fastest acceleration, you think I’d be in too much of a hurry to get to know you, but really, I’m happy to meet just about everyone. There’s a cute little kink in my tail that kept me from competing in dog shows, but my sweet personality won over Steve and Cheryl, who adopted me as a companion for their older Italian greyhounds. Thanks to my gentle disposition, they soon got me certified as a therapy dog. Now I get to meet all sorts of new people while visiting high schools and nursing homes. When I go to libraries, children like to practice reading books to me while I listen patiently. When I’m not working, I like to sit on the sofa and request that someone join me for a good snuggle. (I’ll admit, there may be whining involved.) And if someone’s in bed, I will be right there with them, to make sure they don’t get lonely. Cheryl says I sleep in the craziest positions, but I’ll have to take her word for it. I suppose there might be some photographic evidence on my Instagram: @josiejowhippetgirl. That’s not to say I’m lazy. I vigorously protect my home in San Mateo from squirrels. My speedy lineage mostly comes out when it’s mealtime. I zoom and ricochet all over while my food is prepared. But once I’ve eaten, I’m ready to relax and cuddle again.

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