Diary of a Dog: Lola

Photos by Irene Searles

Privyet! (That’s “Hello!” or “Ruff!” if you don’t speak Russian.) I was found in a small suburb outside of Moscow in December 2017. With FIFA World Cup Russia scheduled to happen in June 2018, my mother was likely picked up in a program to remove homeless dogs from the streets. All I know is that I was left all alone, and I couldn’t find food, so I cried and cried. I woke up some humans who were trying to sleep and they brought me to a shelter. I was such a cute puppy, the shelter posted a photo of me on Facebook, and a rescue organization called Angel’s Furry Friends spotted me and made arrangements to fly me to the San Francisco Peninsula.

That’s where I met my new family: Nate, Anya, Adelia, Kash and Kate. Nate heard that I needed a permanent home and said, “We want her!” And they got me! I was a lot of work at first. I had no manners at all, and since I was scared of being hungry again, I fiercely guarded my food. But within a few months, I realized I was safe, loved and well-fed, and now I’m a super happy pup. My favorite activities are taking walks with my family, eating breakfast scraps and chewing up tissues. I also live with two free-roaming bunnies named Indy and Aubry. When I was just a puppy, I gave my family a big scare when I got loose in the house and “caught” Indy with my paws. It wasn’t like I was going to eat her or anything. I licked her all over and gave her a really cool-looking sticky hairdo! To learn more about how to get a pup like me, visit angelsfurryfriends.org