Diary of a Dog: Lucy

My given name is Lucy but I like to think of myself as Harry, as in the fabulous escape artist Harry Houdini. I’m not delusional. I know I’m actually a 60-pound black lab, but Harry’s daring escapades inspire me every day. I live in Atherton with Jim, Annie, Lily, Lindsey and Connor and you’ll usually find me hanging out in my backyard. I love to eat grass but my family always chastises me when I start nibbling away. However, I caught a lucky break earlier this year. For some reason, the gardener stopped coming, and the grass grew and grew. When I began munching on the long, tasty blades, instead of, “Stop it, Lucy!” the only comment I heard was, “Look, she’s earning her keep.” The biggest attraction for me in the backyard is the… gate! I’m constantly keeping watch and every now and then, it accidentally gets left open. That’s when I channel my role model Harry and the real adventures begin. I stealthily slip out, look for the first friendly person I see walking by and follow them. One time I even jumped in a neighbor’s swimming pool and ran through their house! However, I’ve yet to perfect my escape act. For some reason, I keep getting ratted out, and I suspect it’s those tags jangling around my neck. One glance, and like magic, I’m suddenly on my way back home again. My family is ever so grateful to see me. They even reward my getaway routine with a nice walk… back to where I’ve just been. It’s probably just a coincidence that they always leave a bottle of wine and a thank you note behind in the mailbox.