Diary of a Dog: Lulu

Photos by Robb Most

On your mark, get set, go! Come on, don’t you want to race me? Please. Please. Please. I’m ready any time! My name is Lulu, and while I look a bit wolf-like, I’m actually some kind of terrier mix. No one really knows for sure because I was born during Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. That was back in September 2017, and as you can imagine, it was a pretty crazy time. Lucky for me, I was flown to Washington, D.C. by an organization called Lucky Dog Rescue. Kamyar learned about me and decided I would be the perfect gift for his mother Frieda in Menlo Park. Surprise!! Of course, Frieda immediately fell in love with my tall, pointy ears, long eyebrows and coat of many colors—not to mention my loving, sweet personality. I’m most proud of my white boot-like paws, which lead up to my very long legs that love to run and run and run. I like to pretend that my house is a race track, and when I beat my best time, I throw my toys up toward the ceiling and catch them. My very favorite place is the park because that’s where I meet up with my friends. “Chase me!” I bark, and around and around we go, but they never catch me. Thalia, Frieda’s daughter, also visits a lot, and along with Kamyar, we are one happy family. I may have started off life somewhere else, but I’m definitely at home on the Peninsula. Okay, are you ready to race now? To make another dog lucky like me, visit luckydogrescue.org