Diary of a Dog: Luna

Yes, I am genetically a dog but it’s my cat-like qualities that led me to my Menlo Park domicile. It’s been 11 years since I came to live with Paul and Jennifer, and their kids, Natalie, Rachel and Devin. Cat people to the core, Jennifer and her mother had seven felines between them, but middle-child Rachel was determined to add a canine into the pack. After identifying the 50 “most cat-like” breeds, Rachel carefully vetted and screened to reveal a single, mom-satisfying candidate: the Japanese Shiba Inu. Bred not to bark nor rudely sniff people’s crotches, Shibas are known for being small, smart, fiercely independent—and handsome. True to my quasi-feline heritage, I’m likely to greet you with studied indifference. If I deign to further our acquaintance, I may take a seat by your side. That’s your hint to scratch between my ears but don’t expect a return lick or a lean. I am quite content to stare out a window all day judging passersby and their more provincial pets. Aloof I may be, but I’m clearly adored. And you can credit my superior virtues for successfully opening a doggy door into a cat-obsessed home.

Calling All Dogs:
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