Diary of a Dog: Maverick

Photos by Irene Searles

Ibet you couldn’t guess what kind of dog I am! Well, to be fair, I am a melting pot of breeds, and I’m still sorting it all out myself. My name is Maverick. I recently celebrated my first birthday, and I live in Menlo Park. Apparently, I came from a litter of 11 in the East Bay. That’s a whole lot of puppies, so we ended up getting rescued by a local organization called Pound Puppy Rescue—which helped me find my family, Jessica and Sean. Given my adorable (and distinctive) looks, Jessica and Sean were curious to learn more. Here’s what they found out about my unusual brindle-furred appearance: I’m part Great Pyrenees, part Labrador Retriever and part Australian Shepherd. My family says that my three breeds come out individually in my funny personality. From my Pyrenees background, I’m very thoughtful and engaged and love to sit back and observe. Like a true Australian Shepherd, I’m a herder by nature, although my clumsiness tends to get in the way. Lately, I’ve been getting more in touch with my Lab side. I’ve discovered this amazing substance for both playing and drinking—it’s called… water. I still have a lot to learn about myself, and Jessica and Sean are having fun watching all my different qualities emerge. I’m a good boy and with just a little love and a water hose, I’m a happy pup too. Learn more about future adoption events at poundpuppyrescue.org