Diary of a Dog: Muffy

Photos by Robb Most

News Flash: The Loch Ness Monster has moved to Los Altos! But don’t worry—I’m Muffy, and I’ve got things under control. Surprisingly not of Scottish descent, I’m a Chihuahua mix—at least that’s what Adobe Animal Hospital told my family after they rescued me 14 years ago from a Safeway parking lot in Campbell. I’m forever grateful and do my best to protect Ross, Elizabeth, Kathryn and Caroline each day. Any given morning, you’ll find me poolside, and although I may look relaxed, I’m constantly standing guard. When I hear any movement from the creature, I launch into action. Don’t let my tiny build of 11 pounds, gentle nature and cute chest curls fool you—I have a very intimidating bark and deep snarl. I run back and forth at lightning speed between shallow and deep ends to ward off the white tubular beast. Ross and Elizabeth call the monster ‘the pool sweep’ (I know, silly right?), and I keep it at bay while they work in the garden, grill up dinner or choose to risk life and limb by actually swimming in the water. The dreadful pool monster has taunted me ever since I was a young pup. I remember minding my own business, watching its long tail move swiftly through the deep waters, but as it turned to approach, our eyes locked and it boldly sprayed my innocent muzzle. Ever since—it’s been game on! So long as I’m on watch, family, friends and even ducks are welcome to stop in for a visit. I’m the ultimate backyard protector, so everyone is safe in my paws.