Diary of a Dog: Nachi

Photos by Robb Most

“What’s a Nachi?” you ask. My family in Los Altos originally wanted a boy dog and had already picked out the name, Nacho. But then I came along—a girl—and Jennifer, Kenny and Daniel decided to swap the final ‘o’ for an ‘i.’ That was seven years ago, and they fully agree, “We cannot imagine Nachi being called anything else.” I’m a California black Labrador retriever, and they also say I fully live up to my breed’s reputation. I relish the feeling of the ball in my mouth, grass under my paws and the rush of the wind through my ears. And how lucky am I: The dog park is right across the street from us! It’s my favorite place to go, and I even know how to get there by myself. One time, when my leash didn’t come out soon enough, I wedged my wet black nose through a door gap and sprinted across the parking lot to the gate. “NAAACHIII! NAAACHIII!” I heard Kenny yell, and he seemed to be mad at first. But then he pulled out my ball and we played fetch until I was happily panting with my tongue lolling out of my mouth. Being a quintessential Lab, I also love swimming—and joy of joys, we go to Lake Almanor every summer. Here’s my perfect day: Nap in the sun. Walk down to the dock. Jump in the water. Paddle around for a bit. Repeat. That’s the good life—Nachi style!

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