Diary of a Dog: Norman

Photos by Irene Searles

My name is Norman. I’m a Basset Hound and I live in Redwood City with Michele, Jay and David and my fellow Bassets, Bonnie and Charlie. I’m probably 13 or 14 years old, although that’s a guess. When I was quite young, some kind police officers found me wandering in a field and connected me with Golden Gate Basset Rescue. Michele was looking for a young companion for her elderly dogs, Bobby and Harry, and chose me to add some spring to their step. The minute Michele brought me home, I snuggled up with her son David on the couch and I’ve been the happiest of hounds ever since.

Today, I’m thrilled to have Bonnie and Charlie in the family too. They are very lively, but I think I can teach them a lot. For example, I’m an expert counter-surfer. I have amazing reach for a dog with such short legs. I’ve been known to spread a single box of cake mix to places that you can’t even imagine. Sadly, Michele and Jay have started pushing everything edible to the very back of the counter so that I can’t snag an unplanned snack.

I am also a master of the ‘Basset 500.’ This is a very special Basset Hound tradition: a few moments of crazy time every day when we zoom around the house and garden as fast as our little legs will carry us. Today I’m a bit older and slower, but I’ve trained Bonnie and Charlie well and they’re clocking record times.

I’m howl-at-the-moon grateful to Golden Gate Basset Rescue for sheltering me and placing me with my wonderful family. They are always looking for foster help and forever homes for hounds, so visit ggbassetrescue.org to learn more.