Diary of a Dog: Ollie

Photos by Robb Most

Good day! What’s cracking? By way of a more formal introduction, my name is Ollie. I am a Welsh Pembroke Corgi, and I was born in Swansea, Wales. As Welsh lore tells it, Corgis were once the steeds of fairies, and I’m working hard to be legendary in my own right.

My family is originally from Menlo Park, but Butch, Judy, Jacob and Jill moved abroad back in 2011. They brought me home in 2017 and we lived just outside of London. I grew up exploring the canal paths along the Thames. Lots of pubs have gardens, and when Butch and Judy would enjoy a pint, I’d come along and get a treat.

Blimey! That’s what I barked when I found out we’d be leaving my beloved England. My family moved back to Menlo Park in 2018 and it definitely took a while to adjust. When we first went to the park, the other Corgis stared at me. You see, I’m much bigger (about 50%) than the typical Corgi here, plus I have a striking tail that I constantly wag. (Most Corgi tails get docked in the U.S. so I don’t adhere to local fashion.)

My favorite event is Corgi Con San Francisco. Twice a year, over 1,000 Corgis and Corgi lovers meet up at Ocean Beach near the Cliff House. I love chasing balls, and I make a point of always bringing the ball back to someone I haven’t met. If I give them just the right look, they’ll toss the ball and flash me a smile. You should try it sometime. It’s a great way to make friends.