Diary of a Dog: Oreo

Photos by Robb Most

What’s black and white and flies all over? That would be me! I’m Oreo, the jet-setting Boston terrier. My travel companions, Maryanne and Ed, have several places that they call home—Maryland, Maui and Menlo Park. They were looking for a dog small enough to travel in the cabin with them and not get sent down to the cargo hold. I fit the bill! They like to joke that if only I could earn frequent flier points, I would have racked up well over 40,000 miles before I was three years old. I think they should give it a try and get me my own seat instead of tucking me underneath one. When I’m not taking to the skies, I enjoy sitting on furniture just like a person, with one elbow propped on the arm rest, chubby tummy on full display. Before I joined the family, Ed had his doubts about getting another dog, so Maryanne worked hard to find just the right one. I was the last puppy left in my litter when they came to meet me, and while I love them both, I was immediately drawn to Ed. I guess I won him over, because he ran out of objections when I cuddled right up to him. In a tribute to my place of birth and Maryland’s state bird, the oriole, my Instagram handle is @Baltimore.Oreo. I do have another important thing in common with an oriole—we both like to fly!

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