Diary of a Dog: Riesling

Photos by Robb Most

At 75 pounds, I am larger than your average Golden Retriever, which proved problematic for my first owner who lived in a very small San Francisco condo. Luckily for me, Sheryl and Lane invited me to live with them in Menlo Park. Now I have a yard for chasing squirrels, and we go on long walks around the neighborhood and in Portola Valley. I am not much interested in the other pups I encounter, but I have yet to find a human I don’t want to meet, greet and, if possible, sit on. It seems I was born to be held and cuddled, and if you stop petting me, I will nudge your elbow until you begin again. If you visit my house, I will be on your lap before you know it, so just settle in and enjoy. I am almost 10 years old and, like the wine I am named after, I just get more golden and sweet every day.

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