Diary of a Dog: Riley

Photos by Robb Most

I was born in a public pound in South Korea and came to the Peninsula through @princedogkorea, a rescue organization that saves pups from overcrowded shelters and neglect. When I first arrived in Menlo Park in 2021, I felt really lost—and it wasn’t just because I didn’t understand the language. I also didn’t comprehend the meaning of “love” and “home.” Thankfully, ever-so-patient Gabriella gave me the care and space I needed to settle in. (It took me eight months to figure out that an outstretched hand can be a positive thing: treat!) I’m still a bit shy and fearful around people, but I let my guard down completely around my pals, which include my cat housemate Lola, my bestie Kaida and my dog mom Marge, also a Jindo mix, who was adopted by a family just a few blocks away. Seeing that my personality comes out when I play, Gabriella recently pulled off a big surprise. In June, she rescued another Jindo mix from Korea to be my dedicated fur buddy. “Riley doesn’t really fit the mold of what most people think a dog should be,” I’ve heard her say, “but I love her like crazy, and I’m just trying to give her the best life possible!”

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