Diary of a Dog: Rugby

Photos by Robb Most

My family consists of Abhiroop, Ruchika, Ayanna and Amaanya and I represent their attempt at ensuring some semblance of equity in two very important areas—gender and name. Abhiroop was tired of being the only male in our otherwise all-female Hillsborough household and Ruchika was tired of being the only “R” in the company of “A”s. Hence they have me: A male Goldendoodle named Rugby! I joined our pack eight years ago, and I’m proud to say I’m a natural (albeit a bit demanding) leader. I sleep on Abhiroop and Ruchika’s bed and when they stretch their legs and I get pushed, I make sure to communicate my displeasure. I love a good belly rub/scratch and know how to keep the spa services coming—I’ve perfected an expert blend of evil eye and pawing incessantly. Thankfully, my family thinks I’m adorable so it usually doesn’t take too much persuasion. That being said, I refuse to be treated as a 40-pound, four-legged, canine ball of fluff. If we have visitors and they try to relegate me to the backyard with the visiting dog, I make it amply clear that this is not acceptable. I wail, whine and telepathize, “WHY HAVE YOU LEFT ME WITH THIS UNCOUTH ANIMAL? I NEED TO BE INSIDE DISCUSSING POLITICS AND SHARING YOUR FOOD!” Next thing you know, I am back inside all cozied up where I belong. Every dog has his day, no doubt, but in our house I have every day