Diary of a Dog: Stella

Photos by Robb Most

Can you imagine a more lovable face? Clearly, Maddie couldn’t. My distinctive looks immediately identify me as a purebred English bulldog, although I’m particularly proud of my spotted ears and beautiful brindle and white coat. After fostering seven other dogs from Humane Society of Silicon Valley, Maddie knew she was a goner the minute she met me. An aspiring vet, she describes me as her “first foster fail,” which I think is a good thing, as it means I now make my home in Palo Alto with Patrick and Carrie, along with their kids, foster-pro Maddie, Nick and Will, and two dog buddies, Penny and Sawyer. I admit I’m a bit of a prankster. I like to steal dish towels from the kitchen and hide my bowl in the backyard. I also like to race up and down the hall and chase my four-legged friends. But at the end of the day, I’m happiest getting a belly rub, sunbathing in the backyard or snoozing on the couch. I’m told I’m a bit of a snorer but I assume that’s just another charming trait. We recently had an extra bit of excitement. Nick goes to school at the University of Georgia, and Will won a contest to be a virtual fan for the University of Georgia and Alabama football game. I dressed up in my red jersey, and we got lots of airtime on ESPN’s Game Day. I know it was because the Georgia Bulldogs recognized a kindred spirit. Go Dawgs!