Diary of a Dog: Tico

I live with a bunch of “adventure geeks,” which explains how I came to find my home. But in all honesty, putting my family in a box is nearly impossible—they’re just too cool to be labeled. I was born in Nosara, Costa Rica, and my name is Tico (which is what the locals call themselves). I started out life as a stray, living a much different life than I live now. I didn’t have someone to feed me, a comfy bed to sleep in or even a friend to scratch my belly. But then I noticed Fia, a summer staff member at a monkey sanctuary in Nosara. I started following Fia everywhere she went, so she just had to fall in love with me. It didn’t hurt that I’m quite the looker. I’m part Mastiff Lab and part Weimaraner, which means I have a shiny and sleek silver coat and dreamy amber eyes. Fia didn’t stand a chance. She called her family back home who happened to be looking for a new dog to join their pack. Luckily, they didn’t let the challenge of transporting an 82-pound dog from Costa Rica stop them. Now I get to playfully knock people over with my lanky, large body, run through the fields of our ranch home in San Gregorio and see the entire Peninsula from my backyard in Emerald Hills. I’m proud to call myself an adventure geek too. I’d say it suits me well.