Diary of a Dog: Wooshi

Photos by Paulette Phlipot

No matter where life takes me, I’ll never forget where I started. Everytime I hear my name, Wooshi, I remember my humble beginnings as a stray, abandoned puppy in Wuxi, China. I used to hang out in the parking lot of this Cirque du Soleil-style theatre. That’s where I first saw Chris, the associate artistic director for the big show happening there. I went out of my way to catch his eye. I could tell that he noticed me, and I caught his attention the next day too. By the third day, Chris took time to rub my tummy and play with me. And before I knew it, he was scooping me up. “Trying to figure out what to do” is what he texted his husband, David, along with a photo of me. All it took was another hopeful puppy-eyed look, and Chris knew the answer. He moved from his fancy hotel to an Airbnb so I could stay with him. And with the help of a Chinese vet, he flew me back with him when he returned home to Half Moon Bay. Now I live at the beach with Chris, David and Blake, an 18-year-old rescue from Muttville. Everyone says it was destiny that Chris found me because I’m quite the performer. With zero training, I love to spin around and walk on my hind legs. I like to think that’s what drew me to the Wuxi circus—and my new life with my forever family on the Peninsula.