Diary of a Dog: Worf

Photos by Robb Most

Blink all you like, but you’re seeing me clearly. I do indeed have two different-colored eyes—one haunting blue, the other warm brown. They are just one of my signature features, along with my impressive blue merle (multi-colored marbled) coat, fluffy tail and incessant, happy smile. By way of a more formal introduction, I’m Worf, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, and I’m pleased to make your acquaintance. Don’t be fooled by my low-to-the-ground carriage. I’m actually quite agile and athletic, and in fact, my ancestors have been herding sheep in Wales for over 3,000 years. However, you can usually find me romping in Menlo Park with my beloved family Peter, Lava and August. Credit goes to August for giving me my name. He’s a Star Trek fan and was always impressed by Lieutenant Worf’s high sense of honor and strict warrior code on Star Trek: Next Generation. While there’s little chance of an alien invasion on the Peninsula, I’m always on alert for this long-handled aggressive broom that steals the delicious crumbs from the floor. It’s much taller than me, but I’ve learned I can slow it down by playfully attacking the bristles. I’m also quite serious about my role as official greeter at the park. Once I’ve completed my social duties, then I’m cleared to take off on rambunctious games of chase and roll with my buddies.