Diary of a Dog: Ziggy

Photos by Robb Most

Awoooooooooooooooo! That deep, soulful, drawn-out howl is just my longer way of saying hello. I’m Ziggy
(@zigbean on Instagram) and I’m a Bluetick Coonhound, which is the official dog breed of Tennessee. However, it just so happens that I was born in Maine and moved from Boston to Menlo Park with Aaron and Paige. During our drive out here, we stopped in Knoxville, where I was mistaken for Smokey, the University of Tennessee mascot. It was fun getting all that attention, but I’m quite content now that we’ve made our home on the Peninsula. I’m named after Ziggy Marley, and his song “True to Myself” really speaks to me because I have a lot of unique attributes. You may have noticed I have really long ears. When I was a puppy, they touched the floor and they still dip into my bowl when I’m slurping up water. I also possess an uncanny sense of smell and enjoy searching for new sniffs. As you might imagine from my introduction, I excel at singing and almost anything will get me crooning out a tune. Aaron and Paige are big fans and even asked me to be the ring bearer at their wedding. I adore them so much and especially love a good cuddle. They made a big deal of getting me my own bed with a “better” mattress than they have. But I know where I belong at night: Right near Aaron and Paige, which means digging my way to just the perfect spot under the covers.

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