Diary of a Dog: Zoe and Riley

Photos by Scott R. Kline

Zoe: We were born in Modesto on April 7, 2014 at the home of Joe and Carol Ovalle. Our whole family are Golden Retrievers—our grandpa even won Best of Breed at the National Dog Show! We came to the Peninsula because our owners, Pam and Elisha, were looking for a new furry friend after losing their dog suddenly. They only intended to bring home one puppy, but luckily they fell in love with both me and my brother Riley.  

Riley: My turn to tell the story, Zoe. Yes, when we first came home, we lived in San Carlos. Obviously having two puppies around was pretty adorable, and so Elisha thought that she could use the photos she was taking of us to help her experiment with social media, since she works in marketing. Everyone loved watching me grow from a little fluffball into the handsome pup I am now, so the Instagram page now has thousands of followers.  

Zoe: Sorry, our social media fame has gone to Riley’s head a bit. Today we live with Pam in Atherton, and our social media page has transformed from an experiment into a full-blown job. We get sent toys and treats to try, and then we tell our fans on Instagram about them. That means that we can help out with our humans’ finances, instead of just lazing around like your average family pet. Most of our time is spent at home with Pam, who just retired from doing important human stuff at IBM. We do our best to make sure that we get into enough trouble so that she doesn’t get too bored with all this new free time. 

Riley: We also love to hang out with Brittany and all the other dogs at BB’s Dog Walking. Brittany takes us everywhere from down the street to Holbrook-Palmer park to big hikes at the Pulgas Open Space Preserve. Sometimes people recognize us from Instagram or just from seeing us around the neighborhood, and we love it when they say hello. If you ever want to tell my sister and me apart, here’s the key—she’s the one in the front of the pack, while I’m just following and trying to keep my nose clean.  

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