Diary of a Dog: Zora

Photos by Robb Most

Back in 2018, Cat and Cory visited several shelters before coming across me at ilovefamilydog.org. Their 13-year-old German Shepherd had recently passed away and his brother, Zeus, also a senior dog, seemed to be giving up without his companionship. Cat and Cory could tell I was a sweet pup, but they let Zeus make the decision. “Their connection was immediate!” is how Cat describes our first meeting, which led to bringing me home to Menlo Park. “Zeus tried to keep up with Zora as she played with him,” Cat and Cory happily recall, “and within days, it was like Zeus had come back to us.” Given my black “cow spots,” Cat and Cory were surprised to discover through DNA testing that I’m pure Siberian husky. It turns out I’m known as a white piebald, which is the rarest color pattern. I’m called Zora because I look like a fox (“zorra”) and Zora Neale Hurston happens to be one of Cat’s favorite writers. Their Eyes Were Watching God was Hurston’s best-known novel, which explains my Instagram handle @theireyeswerewatchingdog. Feel free to follow along to see my adventures. I love to play fetch and I bounce and pounce around whenever I see the ball come out. I also enjoy getting as dirty as possible (plenty of mud puddles lately!), jumping in the ocean, riding in the car and going on hikes and trail runs. My very favorite thing? When I first saw snow in December 2021, I took straight off through the fluffy white powder. I mean, I’m a husky, so come on! I looked back at Cat and Cory and they knew exactly what I was thinking: “How could you have kept this from me for so long?!”

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