Q&A: Lisa McCaffrey

The former Stanford soccer star, NFL wife/mother and co-host of “Your Mom” podcast shares her number one tip for raising boys, how she ranks her kids and what she’s obsessed with at Levi’s Stadium.

What inspired you to create the weekly podcast “Your Mom”?
Ashley Adamson, my co-host and Pac-12 reporter extraordinaire, came up with the idea when she saw me “gently” reprimand Christian at the Heisman Trophy Ceremony way back in 2015. She realized no one can humanize a kid quite like their mother.

What kind of unique insights do you get talking to the
moms of famous people?
The biggest takeaway I have deduced from interviewing these amazing moms is that moms love their kids unconditionally and they always will, no matter what.

Your husband, Ed McCaffrey, and four sons all play or coach football. What do you love/hate about the sport?
If you can’t beat them, join them. I absolutely love the game of football and appreciate it for helping shape my boys into hardworking and accountable young men. I love that they found their passion, but for a mom, it can be quite a rollercoaster of emotions.

What goes through your head as you watch your kid play?
There is a gauntlet of emotions running through my head from snap to whistle… anxiety, stress, worry, thrill, elation, bliss, exhaustion—and that’s after a successful play.

Your number one tip after raising four boys?
My tip to raising all boys is to nurture your relationships with your girlfriends. You are going to need them.

What’s guaranteed to make you laugh?
Definitely NOT Ed’s “dad jokes.”

You’ve (joked) that you rank your kids. Explain.
The criteria for my favorite kid has evolved over the years—from which one cleaned their room best to which one calls me back first.

Where did you grow up and what was great about it?
I grew up in Miami, Florida in the ‘80s. I mean, turn on an episode of Miami Vice and figure out for yourself what was so great about it.

Favorite hangouts in your Stanford days and now?
Our favorite place back in our Stanford days was the Pioneer Saloon on Friday nights. Our go-to spot now is the Alpine Inn.

Any insider/behind-the-scenes takes on Levi’s Stadium?
I am obsessed with the TVs in the mirrors in the bathrooms at Levi’s Stadium. I never miss a play.

Name your biggest pet peeve.
The biggest pet peeve I ever saw was on my aunt’s Great Dane.

What age would you choose to be again and why?
I actually love the age I am right now, 54. I love where I am in life.

What piece of advice would you give to your younger self?
I would tell my younger self to calm the f*** down.

What’s the most embarrassing story you’ve shared about a son on your show?
Uh-oh, dangerous territory. Give “Your Mom” a listen and I’m sure you’ll figure out which was the most embarrassing story. #shamelessplug